CW3002 USB充电掌握芯片澳门太阳集团

The CW3002 is the USB dedicated charging controller IC, which is fully compatible with BC1.2 and other non-BC1.2 standards like YT/D1591- 2009, Apple charging specification (for i-Pad & i-Pones) and specs from Samsung Galaxy family.
The IC is used to facilitate charging procedure when most of the mainstream handheld devices are detected.
The CW3002 is suitable for all the charger products using USB interface like power bank, wall adapter and even MID device with OTG function. The IC is provided with enhanced ESD protection up to +/-8kV with application on D+/D Pins.
CW3002 is available in tiny SOT23-5 package.

• D+/D‐ DCP Mode per USB Battery Charging Specification 1.2
• D+/D‐ Short Mode per Telecommunication Industry Standard YD/T1591‐2009 (Chinese)
• Supports non‐BC1.2 Charging Modes by Automatic Choice
‐ D+/D‐ Option for Apple Device
‐ D+/D‐ Option for Samsung Device
• Operating Voltage Range: 4.5V to 5.5V
• Maximum Power Consumption
‐ 5uA When VDD<POR threshold
‐ 180uA When VDD>POR threshold
• Lead(Pb)‐Free, SOT23‐5 Package
• Power bank
• USB Ports (Hosts and Hubs)
• MID OTG Port
• Wall Charging Adapters



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